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Grant Award from Marshes Community Benefit Fund

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

On 21st February 2020 the Choir Steering group met and agreed we needed more prearranged music to lighten Zena’s workload. The choir were lapping up and mastering her arrangements so quickly. As a new choir there was very little wiggle room with finances so a suggestion was made to apply for a Wind farm grant.

The deadline for applications was the end of February which left very little time. Two days later Ann and Phillippa got together to complete the application form for a selection of choral music which Zena had chosen. A few hours later it was emailed to the Marshes Community fund.

In March the Country was Covid locked down. We next heard on 1st April from the Marshes fund to see if we wished to proceed given current conditions. Seeing no good reason to withdraw we asked to continue with the application.

Finally on 15th May 2020 we learnt that our application had been granted to the tune of £280 to cover all the music we had wanted to aquire and enough for a good couple of years of choir rehearsals.

The hardest part was having to keep quiet for another week until we were officially allowed to let all our lovely members know.

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