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Website Terms & Conditions


Membership of One Voice and its associated social media platforms is authorised for approved registered members only and may be terminated at any time for members who do not follow these Terms and Conditions, with forfeiture of any unused fees.


  • Membership of One Voice is deemed accepted by the submission of a signed registration form approved by a member of One Voice steering group.

  • Original ideas and arrangements used for rehearsals and performances by One Voice are owned by One Voice and members will agree not to use, amend or copy any original idea or arrangement for other events or purposes.

  • Photographs, videos and sound recordings may be acquired of members. The recorded materials may be used for advertising and marketing for One Voice.

  • Copyright of any official recordings including, but not limited to, videos, audio tracks and CDs, remains with One Voice. Members may not copy official recordings including, but not limited to, videos, audio tracks or CDs for distribution to third parties. Copying for personal use on personal devices only is allowed.

  • Members will be responsible for downloading audio tracks for practice purposes from the One Voice website. Copies of lyrics are also available for download as required.



Code of Conduct

Members will not participate in behaviour, in person or on social media, that brings into dispute the reputation of One Voice, its Director or Officials, either when posting comment, representing One Voice and its Director, at rehearsals or in performances, or the use of One Voice name or logo.



General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • One Voice recognises that your personal details matter to you and will only hold your name, contact number and email address for the purposes of communication with you on One Voice matters.

  • Personal bank details will not be held for any members, only records of payment will be kept for each financial year.

  • Personal and private information held by One Voice will not be passed to any external organisations unless this is agreed to by each member, when necessary for participation in externally organised events.

  • Members’ personal details and email addresses will be removed from One Voice records upon termination of contract, by either the member or One Voice.



One Voice reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

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