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As 2021 comes to a close, I am put in mind, as I often am at this time of year, to look back and reflect on the year we are saying goodbye to.

I can't deny being apprehensive when discussing the prospect of taking over a choir from an established musical director, and such a well-loved musical director at that. However, at every single rehearsal, meeting, Zoom chat, or concert, I have been met with kindness, good humour and (since it's that time of year) love. For this, all I can say is a huge thank you to every member of One Voice, regardless of length of servitude!

I'm also reminded to reflect on how far we have come as a choir since those first rehearsals under that gazebo! Perseverance, fortitude and laughter prevailing "heedless of the wind and weather"...and trains, hailstones and generators! I would invite you in a spare moment to go back and look at those first videos and listen to the music; while united and strong, the sound was musically simple. Now compare that to any of the performances we have given in the last few weeks - the change is astronomical, and I am so proud to have enjoyed the journey with you.

Inevitably, contemplation of the past leads one to consider the future, and if 2021 is any judge, I stand back in awe at the possibilities the New Year will bring!

May I wish you a very happy Christmas, and we'll meet again in 2022!

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That's lovely Joe, and we love having you as our Musical Director ! You motivate and inspire us to do our best, You show patience and diplomacy and you're a bit crazy, which we love ! Here's to a new year full of joyful singing

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